About Sabrina's Treehouse Concerts

The Treehouse concerts started in August of 2020. The Covid restrictions had just been relaxed and the music lovers had nowhere to go. We had just completed some live virtual concerts that raised funds for the Grenadian musicians and from there, Sabrina’s Treehouse Concerts was a natural progression.


Experience High Quality Music straight from the source

The Treehouse is located in the mountains of Mount Agnes, St. Davids and the space we created for the concert is truly ambient. We host only up to 40 persons at a time, so it’s quite an intimate affair. The one hour show is live streamed so that the other music lovers that are unable to join in person can still have an evening of music wherever they are in the world.

So far, it’s been a successful endeavour, people enjoy the experience and so we will keep Sabrina’s Treehouse Concerts going and long that remains true.

Experience Unique Flavours

We always have a featured cocktail, something created special by our in-house mixologist. He knows his liquors and prepares the best drinks with a unique West Indian twist.

Meet Me at the Mango Tree

Welcome to a groundbreaking musical experience— “Meet Me At The Mango Tree.” In collaboration with my dedicated team, we’ve pioneered a new form of performance art. In this innovative venture, visuals take a back seat, creating space for an immersive audio encounter. What makes it truly exceptional? The experience is further heightened by the use of headphones, ensuring a connection like never before.


“Meet Me At The Mango Tree” is a nod to the rich tradition of storytelling, but with a unique twist—solely relying on the power of sounds and songs. Join us on this journey where music becomes the storyteller.

About Sabrina's Treehouse

Nestled in the picturesque mountains of Mount Agnes, St. Davids, Grenada, The Treehouse stands out as a distinctive music venue. What sets it apart is its unique characteristic—it’s the sole venue in Grenada without a traditional P.A. system. The Treehouse embraces an exclusive headphones-only concept.

Born out of the response to the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, it emerged as a haven for Grenadian musicians. Here, they found a platform to live stream their concerts, transcending local boundaries to connect with audiences worldwide. The Treehouse, thus, symbolises both innovation and resilience in the realm of music.